Friday, April 13, 2012


Seriously, only ONE comment? Well, at least you came in and put a comment, dad. And only one reaction? Marked as interesting?! I'M TRYING TO BE FUNNY, PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JEEZ!!! Oh well. But I need your comments, people! Send me one! OK, down to business. We're going to be living in Dunfermline, Fife reigion, Scotland, Britan, UK, Europe, World, Solar system, Milky Way, Universe. I saw that giggle there. See ya.

P.S. Remember, I NEED YOUR COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mixed feelings

OK, so this is like, so cool, sad, and something that I just can't explain. I'm thinking so many thoughts right now, I'm having trouble processing all of these thoughts. But I am ready. I can do this. I can... I can... I can... I... I... Uh, a little help here? Who wants to help me with some words? Anybody? hellllllllloooooooooooo? Just give me a comment. I'm waiting............... Oh, never mind. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The joyous beginning

April 2, 2012 
Just a few days later and we have been in touch with our exchange partner several times. We learned that we should be able to exchange housing, the kids have several schools within walking distance. Walking to school in the mornings will be pretty chilly since the average high in August is in the mid 60's!!! We also learned that we will be living in Dunfermline, which is closer to Edinburgh, and Jim will teach in Kirkcaldy. 

Carter and Cara have both started lists of "Things to do" once we get overseas which include visiting the big toy store in London (Cara) and attending a Chelsea match (Carter).

March 30, 2012
At about 1:30 pm on Thursday, March 29th, we received an email from Fulbright. I anxiously read it, and even though it had congratulations at the top, I was sure that it would say we had to try again next year. Was I ever wrong! We found that Jim had been matched with a teacher at a school in Kirkcaldy, Scotland! 

I didn't tell Carter & Cara about the news until I had spoken with Jim about 3 times & he said to take them to Barnes and Noble bookstore to choose a book for dad. When I walked them to the travel section & said, "Find a book about Scotland", there was at first puzzlement from Carter and then excitement as he said, "Are we going to Scotland?!!" We pulled every Scotland book off the shelf and looked through each one to find the "perfect one". Both Carter and Cara wanted to read it on the way home, and as I went into the grocery store for a few items, they asked to sit on a chair near the entrance so they could read. 

We got together with Jim's parents for dinner and announce our news to Nana and had an enjoyable evening discussing possibilities. Carter took the guidebook to bed to read before he had to go to sleep, and in the morning we found a list with about 15 things to do in Scotland already created! 

I was able to inform my principal the next morning and start telling co-workers the good news. I also contacted the benefits department to find out how to go about taking a leave of absence and was told I wasn't eligible and would have to resign from my position!! I was devastated. I received a call about 10 minutes later saying they would check "upstairs" to see if a leave of absence would be approved. Jim also emailed the superintendent with this concern and we are anxiously awaiting a decision. Nevertheless, we are excited about getting in touch with Jim's exchange partner and to start planning.