Sunday, July 28, 2013

Carter's Favorite things about this year

Now that I've been back home for a while, I have looked back at my top 10 favorites of the whole trip.

1. Barcelona: This was really cool, partly because I could hear/see Spanish and see it, partly because it had a similar climate to the USA.

2. Walking to school: I always loved walking to school, especially with my friends in the snow. (Barefoot, uphill both ways)

3. The climate: I especially liked the climate (not the weather, but the temperature) because it was cool, though not cold.

4. London: London is awesome. It is almost like a small New York City, and London has almost any shop that you can think of!

5. Being able to walk everywhere: Being 15 minutes walk to the town center was very convenient. That meant that if you needed to pick up something quick from the grocery store, you only had to walk 20 minutes round trip.

6. Having friends just around the block: I had a tight group of friends that I walked with to school every day and they lived on the street just above me.

7. Soccer games: you could kind of say the UK is kinda soccer crazy (no offense). We had a decent team 10 minutes walk down the road that dad and I used to go see play. They recently got demoted to a lower league, but "Come on ye Pars!"

8. Edinburgh: Edinburgh is a nice little city, and though I think it has too much historical stuff there, it also has some neat surprises that might just be around the corner like Oink restaurant, where they roast a whole pig each day!

9. Aberdour: Aberdour is a small seaside town on the coast of the Firth of Forth. It has a nice little beach and an awesome playground!

10. Fish & Chips: I personally think that fish and chips (fries) is the best British meal. My favorite is Alari's fish and chip shop, which is in Dunfermline! 

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  1. "Walking to school in the snow barefoot & uphill both ways." Well done. I'm proud of you. :)