Saturday, July 20, 2013

School's out for Summer - Days 14 & 15

Day 14

Today we drove to Beaming Living History Museum which is near Newcastle. This is mostly outdoors, with relocated old buildings and well as some newer re-creations of what life was like long ago in the area. They had a variety of areas such as farm & farmhouse, village, town, train station, etc.
in the classroom - Uh Oh!
You could walk into most buildings as see it furnished with some areas having re-enactors. 
Cara's luggage valet at the train station
We spent a nice leisurely day walking and exploring and even riding trams to the different areas, as it was spread out in a big loop. Carter even ran in to a high school friend from Dunfermline!
trying to figure out this school yard game
Day 15

On our last day of vacation, we drove north to our last stop, Alnwick (pron Annick) Castle. We were very impressed with what great condition everything was in and the re-enactors here were really good at giving information and getting the kids involved. The castle was part of the filming set for the first two Harry Potter movies, and we took a short tour of these locations. But the best part was starting the day with broomstick flying lessons. 

We were taken into the area where they filmed HP having his first broomstick lesson. Our two teachers were quite amusing and had us in giggles the whole time. As you can see, they were successful in teaching most of us to fly :-D

Having a go at flying!
There was also a kids courtyard area with a ton of fun activities, called the Knight’s Quest. We got to dress up in costumes,

fight with swords, Cara even tried her had at making an illuminated manuscript illustration!

After  our visit to Alnwick, we hit the road back to Dunfermline with a last stop at the Scotland border. It was a good ending to a wonderful summer holiday trip.

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  1. Makes me a little sad that you won't be in Scotland this coming year so I could come and visit you. Nana :-(